Friday, December 12, 2008

Internet Findings

The new promo for next years ITU series is up. Not the most exciting, but still fun nonetheless.

Also, I was wasting time today and came across this website by Elizabeth Kreutz.

Some pretty cool photos on there, this one I liked a lot. Not that I would ever do this, but think its cool all the same.

There is also a pretty cool section of photo's showing Lance Armstrong's comeback effort, check out the shape he is in. That guy is going to need to lose some upper body weight to get back into grand tour fitness, he looks more like a hockey player than a cyclist.


Its supposed to go down to -15*C Saturday overnight, where am I? I thought I had left Montreal cold for Vancouver. Oh well. It will be practice for when I go back east next week

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Woo! Running!

I went back to practice once again today with the goal to complete the whole thing.

The beauty of being the run coach is that you can decide how long a practice is!

Tonights practice started out with a Fartlek workout, roughly a 500m square block where the north south side you ran hard, while the east west sides you ran easy.

The workout prescribed 5 laps of the block (Now I thought this block was longer, as in more the 1km range so we were finished much earlier than anticipated).

I completed this feeling pretty good, absolutely no pain in my foot and legs were holding together which pleased me considering I hadn't done any real interval work in months.

Since we were finished the workout in 20 minutes including warmup and drills, I decided since today was out last run before Christmas break that we would mix things up and have some fun. I decided to throw in a relay race. 

The relay was 1 lap around the 1km loop, tag your runner, and then as soon as your team has finished the 1km loop, do the same for the 500m loop. We were six runners tonight so I just casually split up the teams and hoped that they would be somewhat fair. 

WOW tight match.

After the 1km loop my team was roughly 10 steps behind, a gap that was held steady until the final 500m where Andrew and I were running anchor for our respective teams. I tried my hardest to close the gap, using my old track and field days as inspiration, in the final 100m I put in the real oomph, and managed to bring it to within a few inches, but Andrew held me off.

Long story short, Managed the full practice and felt great doing it. No foot pain!

Granted this was probably the dumbest exercise I could have finished the practice with, but I was feeling good and willing to have some fun. And I think it went over pretty well, people enjoyed it.

Just to give a review, that 1km lap was run in about 3:05....

It hurt!

I'm going to go cough up a lung now, have a good night!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rollers Update

Alright, now that I've had them for a few days I can give my first feelings on them.

So far so good. I've gotten used to them quite quickly. There is a very quick learning curve, once you get the confidence that you aren't going to fall they are quite simple.

In my first half hour on them I managed to get my water bottle, reach my back pocket to fiddle with my iPod and ride with one leg, then finally no hands. I've ridden for 30 minutes each day since getting them and have simply been working on these skills as along with simple balance.

One of the concerns I had in getting rollers was that I was told you can't do power workouts, you can only spin all the time. This turns out to be only partly true. Fair enough I can't do standing climbing exercises, however, if you drop your bike into the heaviest gear, you can definitely break out a heavy sweat. Some intervals I've been doing have been 5 minutes trying to keep the bike speed above 50kph, and I'll tell you, rollers can make your legs burn.

That being said, there will be a lot of good time trial action going on this winter where I can work on maintaining a constant effort for extended periods of time. I'll just have to work on explosive power at the gym.

17 Days till Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Time on Rollers

Alright, so I got my rollers this afternoon, and today was my first time trying them out.

To many of you who hoped I would fall and make a fool of myself, well I'll just let you watch and see what happens. I think you may be laughing once or twice.


Now that I'm done playing on the internet, I think I'll actually go use them for a while

Youtube cut off my HEAD! Oh well, worst things have happened


Last week I decided I was going to finally stop procrastinating buying rollers for my bike. What are rollers you may ask. Check them out here

I'm excited for them, there are a lot of training techniques you can practice on rollers like balance, as well as getting a really efficient riding technique.

I've promised a few people that I was going to videotape myself on my first time on the rollers, hopefully it will be highly entertaining. I just hope I'm not as bad as this guy.