Friday, December 12, 2008

Internet Findings

The new promo for next years ITU series is up. Not the most exciting, but still fun nonetheless.

Also, I was wasting time today and came across this website by Elizabeth Kreutz.

Some pretty cool photos on there, this one I liked a lot. Not that I would ever do this, but think its cool all the same.

There is also a pretty cool section of photo's showing Lance Armstrong's comeback effort, check out the shape he is in. That guy is going to need to lose some upper body weight to get back into grand tour fitness, he looks more like a hockey player than a cyclist.


Its supposed to go down to -15*C Saturday overnight, where am I? I thought I had left Montreal cold for Vancouver. Oh well. It will be practice for when I go back east next week


Nick Gottfried said...

Sugar and ice cream can make anything taste good. How are things going over there? Training at all or is school/work screwing things up like it does to all of us?

Vincent said...

I've been procrastinating writing a follow up. Without races, giving simply training updates is leaving me with a lack of inspiration in my blog post.

Fortunately things are picking up and I have some news to unveil in my next entry!