Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whole lot of Nothing

Not all too much going on these days. Still training as per usual, swimming and running are actually feeling really good. Biking... well I haven't done much of that. I've more been focused on work these past couple weeks. I'm putting in a lot of hours but not really getting anywhere with it.

Warning, not triathlon related.

However I have hope for this next experiment, and boy is it a doozie. I've tried this method before (and the chemist I work with swear by it), however, I never got great results. Turns out I was rushing it. Normally when I run a column it takes 1-2 hours to prepare and about 8 hours to run. Makes for a long day but you can fit it all in.

This new column, takes 2-3 days to prepare and then on top of that will take about 18-24 hours to run. And the kicker, I can't leave it running alone, I need to check on it every 3-4 hours.

Fortunately, we got rid of the old ratty couch in the Triathlon club office and have replaced it with a remarkably comfortable futon. And last night, I gave that futon a test run. Its only about a 5 minute bike to the lab so I went to sleep there and woke up at 2AM and 6AM to come check on the column. Good times.

I know this isn't triathlon related, but figured I would share what I do with the rest of my life.

Does the life of a grad student sound like fun? The nice thing is I've got lots of waiting time to read and do my own thing. Last night I challenged Tony (who was also having a long night) to a race and see who could eat a full Cantaloupe first. I WON!

I'll probably have another post up soon, since I've got too much time to know what to do with.


GSA said...

Personally I think it would much more of a challenge to use a pineapple. And the timing needs to include the cutting (peeling?) of it...

Ulyana said...

You are very dedicated, that's for sure. That's really cool.