Monday, February 22, 2010

Concussion Recovery

I am pleased to announce I have moved on to Step #2 of my concussion recovery!

What does this mean? It means I can proceed to:

"Light aerobic activity (WOOO!!!) such as walking (wait, WHAT?)."

So, I no longer have to stay in bed all day. I managed to get through 24 hours without a headache meaning I can proceed to the next step. If my headaches come back I will need to go back though.

Still going to be a while before I can exercise again. Hopefully by the time the Olympic break is finished with I can be back at it. Jogging at least. I was making such gains in the pool and running that its a shame I've lost out this time.

This has been pretty much the worst time for a concussion. I'm not supposed to watch TV, use my computer, read a book.

How am I supposed to avoid everything these days. With the Olympics there is just too much to do.

On the topic of the Olympics. Canada is stinking it up with the medal count at the moment. I heard on CTV that Canada (as of Saturday) had 24 top 5 finishes, of these only 8 were medals. The United States on the other hand had 31 top 5 finishes, 24 of which medals.

Come on Canada, get it together!

A friend of mine had an interesting Facebook status, he asked;

Would double-gold in hockey actually redeem our lack of medals and plethora of 4th and 5th?

Unfortunately I think it would, which is kinda sad because Hockey is the only sport in the Olympics that in Canada doesn't need the publicity or money.

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Vancouver has had INCREDIBLE weather the past week which has made my sedentary lifestyle painful. The first perfect biking days of the year have been wasted!


Kamal Rae said...

Hey Dude, sorry to hear about the concussion!

RE: olympic medals: I don't think complaining about top 5 finishes is something that anybody should be doing. I'm kinda tired of hearing about pressure on getting gold medals when Canadian athletes are doing a damn good job as it is. Look at the ski-cross yesterday: Del Bosco didn't want to settle for bronze and went for it, unfortunately crashing out. He was pretty much guaranteed that bronze at that point in the race. I just hope that we get a gold in hockey, solely because of the pressure we are putting on them to get it!

Enjoy the rest of the olympics! I'm wishing I got a chance to experience it.

Missy said...

So sorry about your noggin! What a time.

Ulyana said...

Just read about your concussion - I'm so sorry!!! and I'm glad you are getting better... I'm sorry you can't fully enjoy the olympics....