Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green Light

I'm pleased to announce, that this my 200th post carries with it good new!

I've been given the green light to start training again starting this weekend. Unfortunately "training" is going to have to be pretty relaxed for now, but at least it means I can get on my bike guilt free and stretch my legs. The Tri club is doing a 10k bike TT this weekend, I won't be able to participate, but at least I can ride out to cheer people on and help organize. A step in the right direction.

The reason for all the caution is because Storm the Wall is coming up in 3 weeks and in order to be able to go 100% there, then I need to make sure not to overdo it too early.

I'm still a long way from being perfect (on the health front at least) although I'm sure people would argue against that, but at least this is progress.


Michelle said...

yay congrats!

Adam said...

This is awesome. You've really shown a lot of restraint by not getting out there and hammering on it just a little.

Although, I'm not sure I would trust myself on the rollers/trainer with a wobbly head... Your 'first time' video was reason enough!

Ulyana said...

That's great news! YAY!