Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catching Up

I had a great Victoria Day weekend and decided I didn't want to let it slip by without describing.

Ride 1) 50k

The weekend started off with the now customary hammer ride Friday night. We had a newcomer this week with Derrick Lee. I think he enjoyed it despite the screaming pain in his legs and the screaming in his ears (HAMMER RIDE!).

Ride 2) 75km
To follow this up did a great bike ride Saturday morning. A group of 7 of us headed out to Horseshoe bay/ Whitecliff. It was a little cold of a morning, however, I opted against jacket and legwarmers and apart from a few short moments didn't find the cold too much. This was a great ride and Winston guided the way as the group of us followed. This turned out to be the longest ride ever for a few people. The group somewhat shattered on the way back as people turned off to go home or do more mileage.

Group arriving in Whitecliff Park

Winston posing at the Cliff

In the end it was only Mel and I riding through Stanley Park and along Beach road. As long as I have been in Vancouver I don't think I have done a Saturday morning ride without passing the hot dog stand on my way home and wishing that could stop and get one. Well this day Mel made a passing comment about the hot dog smell and that was all the excuse I needed to stop. After 3 years in Vancouver I finally stopped for a hot dog.

Mel and I with the most delicious hot dogs ever!
Tip, want to make food taste good. Ride 70km before eating

Ride 3) Cancelled, it was raining and I didn't want to get wet.

Ride 4) 162km!!!

On the Monday holiday a group of 6 of us attacked the north shore. Starting with Seymour, followed by some Indian River road and then a quick jaunt to Horseshoe Bay. As I was heading home over the Burrard Bridge saw Mel and Brittany heading the other way and decided to meet up with them and finish of my century ride. I was pretty surprised at how good my legs felt. I took Seymour pretty strong (dumb with lots of surges but strong) and by the end of the day my only problem was leg cramps however my muscles felt great and refreshed.

Weekend total: 287km. Pretty good.

When I add up all my mileage for the month of May I did 900.5km of riding. Not bad for a month with two weekend races!

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Adam said...

nice rides. That hotdog stand would have been REALLY tempting to not stop at until now - but you're right 70k would have made about anything taste awesome.

AND - 162k!?!?!?! wowza.