Monday, November 8, 2010


Two important updates.

First, it is the month of Movember. A month where sporting a moustache is not only a thing of pride, but also trendy to do since it shows your support for prostate cancer!

I didn't really feel like starting up my own Movember page, and feel the pressure to compete with my friends, so instead you can donate to my friends page Tyler Porteous and mention in your comment that you think my moustache is better.

Secondly! In honour of Movember, my roommates and I are doing a push up challenge! I encourage all of you to take part as well. I have created a google spreadsheet here where you can update your numbers.

The rules, you need to do a minimum of 10 pushups in a row. Additionally they need to be quality pushups. We have a statistician on the team who is going to identify who was most consistent over the month as well!

To sign up you will need to ask permission for access to the spreadsheet. I will gladly grant that!

There are 3 great prizes for the winners! First prize is an autographed photo of me potentially with a personalized message at the end of Movember with all my moustache glory.

Second prize is the same, but a photo of Matt Reeve! And third, although her moustache is quite unimpressive, will be a signed photo of Kaley, our third roommate. But I don't think she's disappointed with the fact that she can't grow a moustache...

So there you have it. Keep yourself fit by doing pushups and adding them to the spreadsheet each night! Contest ends Nov 30th at midnight!

Day 6!