Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Science has taken over my life and I've been reminded that there should be more to it. So far at this point I have finished writing my thesis and have a date set for my defence. March 18th at 1:15PM! I booked it for later in the afternoon to insure that I can get over my hangover from St Patricks Day.

In all seriousness, I've finished my thesis, all 100 pages of glory, have already made my powerpoint for the defence presentation. And now all I have left to do is write a manuscript for my project and get it published before leaving UBC Masters program behind me.

In other news of life. Triathlon is going well. I have my first race this coming weekend. The UBC Triathlon promises to be a nice cold endeavour. I will be doing the double. Working for powerbar at the event as well as racing. My heat is at 12:40 though which is nice because I can be up early and setting up for powerbar and once things get settled down get ready for my race.

In recent news. The UBC Triathlon Club spring race series is underway, and knock on wood, for the first semester, I don't have an excuse (marathon, sprained ankle, concussion). So lets hope I can keep this up and it could be a good one! We have already raced the 5k and I achieved a new PB, 17:41!

And finally, I tried a new sport last week. Maybe this will be my true calling in sport. Does it meet the criteria?

  1. Spandex - √
  2. Endurance - √
  3. Has in some part the word Athlon in it - √
  4. ...
Thats about it. I tried the sport of Biathlon and had a blast. My friend Ceilidh coaches the cadets and offered to bring me up to give it a try. As a result I may do my first race at the end of the month!

Kelly Said I look fat... I thought black was slimming? Does anyone have any vertical stripes?

4/5 Not too bad!


Michelle said...

Biathlon!! SO cool !

Vincent said...

I think you meant to say Vince!! SO cool!

But its ok, I excuse you.