Thursday, April 19, 2012

News Updates

Over the past few month, there hasn't been a whole lot new on the training front since Orca's 50k.

My knee's were in pretty bad shape following the 50 so I had to take a few weeks off running. They still feel tight today if I don't stretch them out, as a result my running has been at a minimum. My next event was a month later with the UBC Triathlon.

We lucked out and weather was incredible. I had a dismal swim where I fought with my goggles the whole time, a medium bike (energy was good, but power was lacking) and then I got to the run. I wasn't sure what my run would be like. I hadn't run since Orca a month earlier and I had been telling people that I wasn't even going to finish the run. I started it off and felt alright so decided to keep it steady and keep pushing. I somehow managed to pull off a 40:23 - 10k split. My fastest off the bike 10k ever. I was a little confused. I have been biking to and from work every day but at no point was I doing any run training.

Fast forward a few more weeks. I did a handful (read 3-4 runs) including a 5k tempo TT on 19:00 and the mile race where I managed a 5:12. Neither of which were exactly stellar performances. Then on Saturday we had our tri club year end banquet where I may have had a little to drink and was becoming boastful. You may have heard, I plan on winning the Grand Columbian Triathlon in September!

As a result I declared that I would be getting a PB on Sunday at the sun run a mere 8 hours later.

Well I woke up feeling a little worse for wear, however, got myself to the starting line and when the gun went off I felt fine. A little stiff but otherwise legs were turning over and lungs felt good. I felt like I was gliding, especially in my new shoes! Coming in at roughly 5 ounces, these babies are light!

The sun run is a funny race, Since it is downhill at the start, you always go way too fast. I passed the 1 mile in 5:26 which had me on pace for a 34 minute 10k. A little quick. In addition, the km markers are quite off. For example, here were my splits

1mile 5:26
2k 6:58
3k 3:18 (10:16)
4k 4:15 (14:32)
6k 7:48 (22:21)
7k 3:51 (26:12)
9k 7:32 (33:44)
10k 3:28 (37:12)

My official time was 37:10 so not sure if I started watch early or stopped late. Anyways. The point being this was my 10k pb by 15 seconds!

I was pumped.

Following my race I had a talk with one of my friends. The topic of serious training and potential came up. It's something I have discussed with people a few times but often shy away from. I think that this summer. Once I get into a good routine. I am going to try and push my limits. Get those morning workouts in before work. And since time is shorter this year than summers past. Try and get in quality workouts rather than junk hours. More high intensity interval stuff rather than the 2-3 per week long rides.

We will see how this goes. For now I am just pumped that my running is pain free.

I will try and get a race schedule planned. There should be some 10k's in there as well. I want to try and get into the 35's. I know this skips over 36 entirely but with a little focused effort I think it's possible.


Tanis said...

You're a real champ Vince! I'm excited to see what the summer race season has in store for you!

Andrew Wight said...

I just read this, a little late I know but great job. That's a killer time and it's good to see the old Vince back in form.

Lance A. said...

From the lack of blog posts I take it the USADA gave you a lifetime ban as well? I know the feeling.