Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long Days in Lab

I've been spending a lot of time in lab lately and during my free time have been either catching up with the rest of life or sleeping so I haven't had all that much exciting stuff to write about. Hopefully life will become a little more interesting soon.

My foot has been feeling really good all week, the big test will be tomorrow when I lead out the run practice to see if I can make it through.

Other than that, since I haven't been riding or running at all, I decided to hit the gym and try and work on some of those minor imperfections which later result in injuries. 

Sunday I tested out the Bird Coop (Campus Pay Gym), it was pretty good, they have some nice machines that I like that they don't have at the free gym, the primary thing being the olympic bar. I really like using the olympic bar for squats. What got me on the idea of going to the gym and doing weights? Last week I tried doing lunges during the run practice and nearly crippled myself with my weak hamstrings, so I've made it a new mission to work on these, figuring that this will help me with my power problems on the bike as well.

Since I am doing very little cardio these days, I decided to do some elliptical. Laugh all you want, but surprisingly the elliptical and be a pretty brutal workout if you try hard enough. I got on it while talking with Facundo yesterday, and he got on the stationary bike beside me and kept me company while I ellipticalled???? 45 minutes later I was a drenched t-shirt and very hungry. Who knew. Its a little embarrassing though because when I think of elliptical workouts I think of Lululemon girls reading magazines listening to their ipods not sweating at all.

On another note (And probably playing a minor role in my motivation to go back to the gym), I weighed myself on a really accurate scale sunday, with shoes, socks, shorts, shirt and ipod I came in at a staggering 139.8 pounds. This is the first time I can remember since having the flu in grade 10 that I've been below 140 lbs. Post marathon weight? Maybe its just that, but I'm trying to make that back. Obviously not in the form of biceps or anything ridiculous like that, but in quads and core strength. We will see how that goes.

All for now!

The rain in here, one upside to not being out running I guess.


Tanis said...

itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie. You'll be above 140 in no time Vince, as soon as you work out the few "minor imperfections" you have. If you like the elliptical, maybe you should try that machine at the gym wear you squeeze your thighs together, I've never seen a guy do it, but the ladies love it!

Vincent said...

hahaha, very funny.

you must be comedian, because your hilarious!

Vincent said...

and I like the way you picked up on minor imperfections, I prefer say that than weaknesses