Monday, December 7, 2009

Interesting Post

I've begun reading this blog by Dave Moulton:

a month ago, and I must admit that I agree with almost everything he says.

I've commented to friends how I find it sad that kids "can't" play outside anymore alone because its dangerous. I played outside all the time as a kid disappearing into the woods for hours to build forts or just wondering around with my friends.

Read through the post, and try and answer the question at the end.

Question: What are you doing to make your life better? Not necessarily more prosperous, or easier, but a better quality of life

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Ulyana said...

I feel like that appreciation of "learning to live simply on less, rather than trying to make more" definitely comes with age, after certain wants are satisfied.

And, I also think that realization comes only after you've experienced how full life can be.

I'm 25. My sister's 14. We moved to the US when my sister was 5. In Russia, we both had these crazy childhoods (granted a decade apart) where it's just you and your friends hanging out, climbing trees, etc, etc. When we came to US, that had to end for my sister (since she was a kid). And I hear that now kids don't have the same childhood in Russia either. It's sad.

That's a good question in the end... I need to think about that.