Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There is a lot I've been planning to write about, such as year reviews, resolutions, and goals. But in the end, I probably won't end up doing any of that.

By the end of last semester I was writing for two blogs, this one along with the UBC Triathlon Club Blog and it began to be too much. My motivation for writing was gone and it was simply a chore. As a result I decided to put off or simply ignore the typical yearly reflection type post that I've been reading on most other sites. Don't get me wrong, I love reading them, But I felt that if I wanted to provide some good reading material for everyone this year, then I needed a break to rejuvenate my writing.

Rest assured, I have now found a bundle of new funny web photos to put up to keep everyone entertained.

Just a quick recap of the past month for everyone. December was really busy for me. With all the Christmas and Holiday parties, my last few weeks in Vancouver were filled with nights out along with scrambling to get my lab work done before the break. On top of all this I moved apartments. I've got a new set up now a little closer to campus and aside from a few small problems, things are going really well.

I had an early trip back to Montreal for the holidays because I wanted to be back in Vancouver for new years to finish off my move. While back had some great time with my family and made a quick trip to Toronto to visit a bunch of my friends from McGill.

Getting back to Vancouver I hit the ground running. I had to finish the move along with a lot of lab work that I wanted to finish ASAP. As a result I spent every waking moment either in lab or moving (or sorting through stuff that had been moved). Sadly I was in lab on New Years EVE! But did manage to get out for a rather eventful night on the town.

Now the semester is back and running, the tri club is having out first meeting tonight to discuss the coming semester and improvements and hopefully things will start to take off!

Thats all for now. I have some training related post to put up but I'll save those for another day.

Happy New Year everyone!


Tanis said...

Happy to have you back Vince! I missed your blog!

Adam said...

glad you are back.

Facundo said...

I have been busy as well, its time to get going again and keep people entertained.

Later bud