Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tour de France Pool 2010 Results!

As the tour has now ended. I am left with a significant lack of sleep and a feeling of emptiness only the Vuelta can begin to alleviate. The Tour is filled with so much excitement and just like that it is over.

I am pleased to say that I don't think I had a single stage ruined by spoilers giving away the results! I guess that what you get from waking up at 5:30-6:00AM every morning to watch!

Onto the Pool!


Bragging Rights.

Spoils of Victory - The winner will also receive a soon to be prestigious (and highly sought after) custom "TdF Pool 2010 Winner" image to display on blogs or websites - if you don't have a blog you can print it and put it on your refrigerator. Your friends will all be jealous!

Since I am not very good at photoshop. It will be last years image with some shotty altering to say 2010!

Also, local prize. We will go to All you can eat Sushi at BC Sushi sometime and winner gets paid for by the rest of the attendees. If I am the only person who shows up with the winner, well then it could also be a romantic date.

Without further ado...

The Questions

1. Lance is getting old, he just announced his retirement will be official after this years Tour. Predict Lance Armstrong's final placing in this year's two individual TTs. Add the numbers together. What is the sum? (ex: finished 1st and 3rd = 4)
(1 point)

A. 2-5
B. 6-9
C. 10-14
D. 15-20
E. 20+

2. Will Lance end up ahead of Frank Schleck in the GC? (1 point)

A. Ahead
B. Behind

3. How many stages will Cavendish win? (1 point)

A. 0-1
B. 2-3
C. 4-5
D. +5

4. What will the winning individuals avg speed be in the Individual time trial Stage 19 in km/h?

(ITT Stage details are HERE)

Fabian Cancellara 51.2kph!

-Within 1 km/h = 5 points
-Within 2 km/h = 3 points
-Within 3 km/h = 2 points
-Within 4 km/h = 1 point
-off by >4 km/h = deduct a point

5. Who will win the polka dot jersey for King of the Mountains? (1 point)
Anthony Charteau, who would have guessed?

6. How many riders will be banned, fired for suspicion, or otherwise ejected due to doping related issues? (1 point)

Only during the race are riders counted (July 4th to Finish in Paris)

A. 0-2
B. 2-4
C. 4-6
D. 6+

7. Which team will finish the tour with the most riders? (1 point)


8. What will the average speed bein km/h for Stage 17 finishing on the Col du Tourmalet.

Andy Schleck 34.4kph

-within 1 km/h = 5 points
-within 3 km/h = 3 points
-within 4 km/h = 1 point
-off by 4+ = deduct a point

9. What will the margin of victory be in the GC? (The margin in minutes and seconds between winner and runner-up.)
(1 point)

A. 0-1 minute
B. 1:01 - 2:10
C. 2:11 - 3:20
D. 3:21 - 4:30
E. 4:30 - 5:40
F. 5:41 +

10. Who will win the GC? (1 point)


11. Who will win the Green Jersey? (1 point)


12. Which OLN broadcaster will win the competition they have each year to predict winners? (1 point)

A. Paul Sherwen
B. Craig Hummer
C. Phil Ligget
D. Bob Roll

13. Will it rain during any of the TTs? There are 2... (1 point)


14. Who will end up being the team leader for Saxo Bank? (1 point)

A) Frank Schleck
B) Andy Schleck

15. What is the second longest stage of this year's tour? (1 point)

Stage 1 or day 2

16) Will Fabian Cancellara ride away from the competition again for a stage victory. (1 point)


17) Will Jens Voigt bring the pain? (1 point)

Can Vince lick his elbow?

18) How many useless full day escapes will Sylvain Chavanel from Quick Step be involved in?

... 0 This wasn't even an option. What a Tour for Chavanel!
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
E) 5+

How did you do?


Dave Stephens 15
Jared Penner 15
Winston Guo 13
Melanie van Soeren 11
Nick Gottfried 11
Matt Reeve 11
Barry Claman 9
Sherwood Plant 8
Lauren Sagadore 6

Since I and the others don't want to pay for Sushi for 2 people, the award will be shared! Half off All you can eat Sushi! I'll make a facebook event to organize.

Thanks for playing everyone and I hope you enjoyed the Tour.


Jared said...

Aw yeah, that's how we roll. I'm away until the 7th, then I'm ready to sushi it up.

That is, if I've stopped watching Cav's catapault-launch on repeat by then.

Winstonian said...

Thanks for making this poll Vince.

Looking forward to all-you-can! =)

Andrew Wight said...

you can lick your elbow?

Vincent said...

you can't andrew?