Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I've mentioned this before many times, the Triple Crown! It finally arrived and did it ever meet expectations.

Quick recap. 175km of riding, climbing 3 mountains on the way! Don't be fooled by Grouse in the middle. It may be short but it still packed a punch.

In total we had 24 riders take off from UBC. Mostly from the UBC Tri Club, however, we had a few new guest take part in the ride as well!

Unfortunately the day was riddled with bad luck. Almost from the gun we encountered flats. Elliot Holtham got a flat requiring him to not only change tubes, but get a new wheel. Fortunately this was near his house so a small group of us waited for him while the majority of the group continued to Horseshoe Bay. This wasn't the best plan. It took nearly 15 minutes to get the wheel dealt with, 15 minutes which we made up all in the 30km ride to Horseshoe Bay. We were moving.

Getting to Horseshoe Bay we met up with the group and enjoyed our first rest stop.

Mel at first stop

The bad luck didn't stop with the flats, as Nathaniel who made the trip over from the Island in order to do the ride sat in bird poop!


Jump three weeks of forgetting to write this post!

Leaving Horseshoe bay and heading up to Cypress after a short regroup!
Mel riding along the highway

After a quick regroup at the base of Cypress and instead just went straight for it!

Leading the way

Jesse breaking away

We managed to get a group photo of everyone at the top. Unfortunately due to bathroom breaks we were missing Claire and Kory. Oops

Almost all of the group

Waiting for Flat at the base

Skip forward 50km to the top of Seymour. It was a hard ride up. A further few flats later and many bottles of water and in the end we had 14 people reach the summit!

Winstorm looking like he has the wind knocked out of him

Kim: "Mountains, where? I could do this all day"

All in all it was a really fun day. Legs were a little tired by the end but I think everyone who took part was definitely happy to have been involved and felt it was an achievement. The only downside to the day was the 8 flats we had between 24 people. Statistically that was far too high!

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