Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brief Overview

Hey, so I figured I would start out this blog, more as something to pass the time in lab while I should be working. It will mainly consist of every day to day things that I complain about, but also a large aspect of this will be dealing with my training and races in triathlon and cycling.

So I may as well begin.

I've set out quite a tough season for myself. Currently I have 5 Half Ironman on the table, the first of which being in just over two weeks. My schedule is as follows.

May 25th Shawnigan
June 22nd Victoria
July 6th Osoyoos (Nationals)
July 13th Vancouver (one week later... YIKES!)
Sept 14th Sooke

On top of this however I have also signed up for a cycling BC license which allows me to participate in any road race I want.

I have registered as a Cat 4 racer, is this a mistake... not sure, I'm confident it won't be too hard for me, but my main concerns are that they will be too easy, and that being in a cat 4 race that there will be a lot of amateurs who don't know how to hold a line. The fear of people not being able to hold a line is mainly because I plan on racing the UBC Tuesday Night Crit series, and new riders = sketchy riders.

Tonight happens to be the first race I'm doing. At this point I know Maya is coming and I think she is getting a few others to come along with her. What's nice is that they are on campus (a little late unfortunately 7PM), and cost very little (5$ a race). And I was reading on their website that there are tons of prizes available from sponsors. So stay tuned and I'll keep you updated as to what if anything I get.

I think results will be posted here:


check it out, follow my progress.

Anyways, thats all for now. still warming up to this whole idea.

Wish me luck

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Ross said...

Sounds fun. That actually made for decent reading. Hope you do well in those races. Good luck.