Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crit #2 Cancelled

So, week two was cancelled due to the rain. They have a very strict dry rule for the roads. I can't say I'm too disappointed with this outcome though. On the weekend I wiped out on some flowers and am feeling a little beaten up over it.

Ok I'll elaborate, I was riding up Dunbar at the end of my ride, and all the apple blossom petals have begun to fall and coat the streets. Coming off a stop sign I began riding and got maybe 10 feet past the intersection and was accelerating, when I hit a pile of petals the tires started to skid and I went down, leaving a nice little scab on my hip.

So the fact today was cancelled was ok, because it will give me some more time to heal without aggravating the scab with my bike shorts.

Fortunately this weekend is supposed to be amazing weather, and its the long weekend, so I will be trying to get a few big rides in before I start my taper next week for Shawnigan.

Thats all for now.

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