Saturday, May 10, 2008

Giro Predictions

Ok, easy stuff first. 

Provided he finishes, sprint I see going to Cavendish. If he does not then I will go with Bennati. My first choice ideally would have been McEwen, however, I don't think he plans on finishing in preparation for the Tour

I think either Soler or Contador will win the KOM jersey. If contador isn't feeling it for the overall I think he will change his focus on this. 

For the overall, I don't know. I think Kloden is the favorite at the moment, but I don't want to rule out Simoni or Di Luca. I also think RRRRRRRRICARRRRDO RRRRRRICO will do something exciting, but I think he will crack before the end. Menchov will also be in the mix, but not the win.

For the young rider. I don't know their age... So who knows, but I believe CSC is focusing on Sorensen, so I will put my money on them being a good strong team. Or for a second choice maybe the youth will go to Liquigas


Daniele Hohol said...

I agree with some of your pics Vince!

I have been a big fan of Cavendish since his amazing victories in the Commonwealth games as a Track Cyclist :). He's great talent but unfortunatly I don't think he'll win/survive the mountain stages of the Giro in order to come close in winning the points category.

I was thinking about Zabel in this respect but after today's sprint finish...the man is done too old and doesn't have the legs to last him through a whole grand tour(although experience does help!!!).

The Giro doesn't really produce that many great sprinter battles and it's usually the one day classics(around this time) and the TdF that has more interesting sprinting battles to be had!

I hate Astana(I hate Discovery therefore I will hate Astana even more post Vino), so I hope that Contador doesnt come close with anything. I am so freaking impressed with Soler so I hope he wins the KOM...although the Italian climbing specialists are usually heavy favorites...

Kloeden's a good choice for winning the Giro...but cause of my anti-Astananess...I'm going with MA BOI Danilo Di Luca :) People argue he doesn't have a good team to pull him through the tour...but this was the case last year....


Daniele Hohol said...

I am ready to be schooled with my opinion :P

Daniele Hohol said...

Oh also take note that Contador is focusing for the Vueleta Espagnia...and Astana is a last minute invite to the Giro...hence another reason why I don't think Kloeden and co. will make that much effect on the field...