Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wimpy cycling legs make for good running legs

Last night I did a run workout that I read about on a fellow triathlete Adrian Delmonte's blog. The workout is quite simple. 

3k at 5k pace
2k at 3k pace
1k all out.

I wasn't sure what my 5k pace was so I decided to just wing it and hope I could go down from there.

Heres how it went.

15 minute job to track on 16th, 

Scrape foot in dirt and create a start finish line.

Reset watch and start.

3km completed in 11:30 (3:51/3:51/3:48). Felt good, first few 100 meters hurt, I haven't run hard in a while, but was manageable once I got my breathing smooth.

2km completed in 7:24 (3:38/3:46), realized I was going to fast after the first lap and slowed it down, goal was 3:45 so slowed down a little too much on second km.

1km completed in 3:26, couldn't keep this pace for much more than 1.5km.

Was nice to do a track workout, lately I've just been doing long runs, I felt I really need to work on speed and haven't had the courage to go out and do a track workout on my own so I'm quite pleased with that.

Tonight, open water swim. Weather looks nice so I think I will try and do 2 laps tonight without a wetsuit. 

Lilia arrived this morning, so blog updates may be a little slow soon.


Kevin said...

We should do a track workout sometime. I always feel so slow when I do my own track runs. The fastest I ever really get to is about 3:15 for 1 km, when in theory I should be able to run closer to 3:00 when I go all out.

Daniele Hohol said...

I do have a question, how does this type of running help for a fast marathon finish?

Vincent said...

it trains comfort levels, my problem when running half marathons isn't that I don't have the endurance, or that I don't have the speed. My problem is I don't like to hurt.

Running painful intervals like this make running 4:10 km a breeze, so if you get used to running at high intensity, it makes marathon pace and half pace feel like a jog.

This isn't my main focus of training, you know only a few run training's like this.