Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He's BACK!


Tanis said...

Lance is so cute! He's a good role model.

Daniele Hohol said...

How's he good role model?
Breaks up with his first wife who was through it all and was there behind him 110%.

Then he goes out with Cheryl and breaks up with her, day before she reveals to the world she has cancer.

He's a doper. He beat dopers and he would using legal and peloton tactics silence out critics. How can a clean rider beat a shit load of dopers who train and race year round?

Further indirect proof? His man Brunyeel has coached riders who ended up being big dopers themselves(tyler hamilton, FLoyd Landis, Basso, etc etc).

My point is...

His return is an insult to the sport and he just misses the attention and has to pay the bills.

Daniele Hohol said...

I do admit that it was thanks to him where I implemented higher cadence training(and not Heavy gear riding) and before i trashed 2km from transition in a half iron race, i Was racing at 34km/h with only my 2nd year in the sport. THAT i admit helped me out...but to say he's a good role model BAH.

By the disk wheels or anything like that. I would say he has revolutionized the sport of cycling/triathlon with that emphasis but i wouldn't go to say he's a model for it.