Wednesday, September 3, 2008

T-10 Day Countdown

As I approach my last triathlon of the season, I won't lie, I feel really unprepared. For my 6th season in a row I have gone to my cottage for the beginning of August and training has simply shut down. Now its the game I love to play where I try to recover my form as quickly as possible. 

My main concern is on the bike, I've been struggling with my bike all summer, and I feel the lack of mileage will really show, I'll be missing that much needed Oomph. 

The Sooke race is a two lap bike course which has been described as rolling, I can deal with that and just pray for no wind. Wind is where I will find the most difficulty.

The run course however, is raced on roads and not gravel trails. Although gravel is better for joints, road running is faster, so it will be interesting to see what the impact of that is on my time.

As for a training update, I am focussing mainly on the bike/run portion of this coming race, and hoping that the couple day cram session of swimming next week brings my fitness back to normal. 

This past weekend I did my first long run in preparation for the marathon next month, 24km in 1:55. Was a comfortable pace and I felt I could have gone on much longer. At this pace I would only have run a 3:20 marathon though, which is nowhere near my target time. So my next long run I will try and up the pace. The biggest obstacle however was boredom, despite running with my iPod, I had to keep tricking myself into running longer. My 30k long run will be a test of mental strength more so than physical, maybe I'll get someone to meet me for the last 10-15k of the run.

I'm sorry for the painful update, my next one will be more creative.

And they will be more frequent than the previous month as well. With the tri club starting up soon I will finally have something to talk about.



Jackie said...

Try audiobooks. I went through like 10 during my marathon training last winter, they are way better than music on the iPod. I especially liked fiction that kept moving like adventure or mystery stories. Good luck!

Vincent said...

thanks, I'll try that