Monday, September 8, 2008

Rough Weekend

This weekend didn't go as well as I had planned. For those outside of earshot of me, I've been complaining about hip pain for a while now. I've been going to physiotherapy and it turns out that my Gluteus Medius, or simple Glute is freakishly tight all the time . Not only is it a flexibility problem, but also, turns out that the order in which my hamstring/glutes fire is wrong. 

To deal with this I've begun doing a series of stretches which is great, problem being, the more I stretch out my glutes, the looser my hips are getting and other muscles are having to pick up the slack. The core muscles that were supposed to stabilize all along are finally being called into action and this is causing me a lot of issues. I was out on a ride yesterday and only got 30k before my leg muscles started spazzing on me. I rode the remaining 40k predominantly with one leg.

I woke up this morning and my leg was still hurting a bit so I decided to skip my ride which is frustrating because this was supposed to be a heavy weekend. I debated going for a run but decided that was a bad idea as well.

Taking the whole day off I got a bit accomplished though, did my stretches and began cleaning up my apartment. And topped of the day by going down to the beach and reading there until it was too dark to read. 

I feel that in Vancouver I really am not taking advantage of my environment as much as I should be, we have one of the most beautiful beaches of any city in the world and I've only gone down to it a handful of times. And so despite not getting my training weekend in that I had hoped for, I did enjoy the beach which was something I probably wouldn't have experienced had I been 100% healthy.

Here is a photo I took tonight while on the beach, I would have taken more but I got 1 photo and my camera died, turned out pretty well though I would say.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and wish me luck at physio tomorrow morning. 

Oh and a side note I thought was funny, when I googled Glute Med Images, this is what came up.


feistydaichi said...

tight ass.

seriously though, how the heck did you make your butt so tight?

Vincent said...

Turns out my legs muscles fire in the wrong order, result being instead of core muscles stabilizing my legs, I was using my glutes or something.

Long story short its a pain in the ass! hahaha