Thursday, March 19, 2009


Tonight talking with Kevin, he brought to my attention that the Desert Half Ironman (Nationals) in Osoyoos is on July 12th. NOOO this can't be, it was on the 6th last year. It should be on that weekend again this year, allowing me to compete there and then race Vancouver the week later.

But alas, as it turns out, both races are scheduled for July 12th, 2009. And I'm currently registered for both.

This isn't as bad as it sounds. I didn't pay for Osoyoos because I got a free entry when I won my age group last year. So I'm not actually losing any money. But its still frustrating because I wanted to race Osoyoos because its nationals, but I also wanted to race Vancouver because my friends will all be around to watch.

Its a no brainer at this point. I'm almost 100% sure I will be doing Vancouver. Rob (my roommate) is racing his first half iron in Vancouver that day, along with a few other friends. Its a much more boring course, but how could I even debate. Vancouver is all paid for (through the Subaru 4 pack) and its right outside my door. The race at this point would cost me nothing, whereas Osoyoos is at least a 300$ investment.

This is somewhat good news though. Last year I struggled because Victoria, Osoyoos and Vancouver were all within 21 days. This year this means I'll have a full 21 days to rest from Victoria to Vancouver and will be able to really attack this race instead of coast it like I did last year.

I'll hopefully make up for it this year thought, maybe throw in a race sometime in August like the Kelowna Apple, an Olympic distance and also nationals.

Oh decisions decisions. Anyways, bedtime for me now. Early morning swim tomorrow with Derek. Hopefully I can sneak in some technique analysis from Derek tomorrow.

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