Monday, March 9, 2009


A lot of talking about me, I forgot to mention everyone else. 

Facundo won the race in an awesome display of dominance.

Nick Finished solid in 3rd, letting me know I have a lot of work to do before our next meeting in two month.

Jamie unfortunately was sick twice on the run, and had a disappointing run split but still managed to finish in 5th. 

And Matt finished right behind me in 8th.

There were also a lot of first time racers this weekend. 

Andrew Wight and Claire Askew from UBCTC both did their first triathlons this weekend and both did much better than I had my first race way back when. I don't know all the results yet, when I have more time, I'll make a list.  

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Derek WL said...

You poopy face!
How dare you!
We missed you at swimming todizzle!

Is there a run this Wednesday? If there is I might be able to make it before I head to the velodrome!