Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pre Race thoughts

I was reading Jeremy Hopwood's pre race blog post and I like the way he wrote it up. A quick review of last year, followed by hopes and expectations from this year. So here goes. 

Shawnigan Lake Half Iron 2008

Swim 1.9km: 29:38 (1:34/100m)
At this point this was my fastest swim pace ever in a race, however, with the work I've been doing I'm hoping this year to have it down to around 28 minutes. We will see, first open water swim of the year, I may be a little slow.

T1: 1:27
can't really improve too much here, maybe a few seconds. Not a concern.

Bike 88km: 2:34:47 (34.1 kph) 
Was feeling good on the bike last year but I remember my back getting a little stiff nearing the end. Being a few 100kms further in my riding season I hope this won't be an issue. I need to keep more consistent laps on the bike as well. If memory serves me well, I slowed down by nearly a minute per lap which suggest I went out too hard.

T2: 53 
again, can't really improve on this. I had the 3rd fastest on the day. If I can match that again I will be happy.

Run 21.1km: 1:40:05 (4:45min/km)
Not my best run but I remember not being sure how I was going to need to pace it. Having run 3 more half irons last year, I know that I can push myself to sub 4:20 pace. In training lately I have been running pretty consistent 4:00 for my long intervals and closer to 3:30-3:45 for my faster speedwork. So if all feels good tomorrow I should be able to hold a decent pace on the run.

Total time of 2008: 4:46:47

Now for 2009

Like I said, on the swim I want to be out of the water in 28. This will allow me to be on the bike by 30 minutes. On the bike I want to go a few minutes faster than last year, instead of 2:34 I want to be off the bike and through transition in 3 hours. Mixed with the swim and a stronger bike leg, I hope to be able to do this. And finally the run. My running last year ranged from 1:31-1:40. I feel like I should be able to beat that this year. So if I can go sub 1:30 I will be super pleased.

This gives me a total time of 4:30. Pretty fast and probably a little over ambitious but might as well set my goals high right? Realistically if I come anywhere from 4:30-4:35 I will be happy though. 

I'm really excited for this race. I wanted to write a quick little blurb about all of my competition however, Jody and Choppy will be here any minute to pick me up so hopefully I will have a chance this afternoon to write then.

Off to the ferry


Missy said...

OH best of luck! Kick some arse. If you didn't have high goals and expectations, what would you have to strive for???

ycheng said...

Good Luck!

You've got awesome weather for this race!

Danielle, Adrian and Xavier said...

Good improvement over last year, that's all you can ever really hope for. Great bike split this year.