Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Finally my long weeks of work are finished! Three weeks of recovery work and about 200-220 hours in lab and I managed to complete my work in time for my presentation! I'll tell you, this isn't easy to do while still training 15 hours a week. 

I had a few first last week. One of the funnier ones was last Monday. I was in lab for a disgusting 17 hours (gross) and was hoping to get in a run workout. Unfortunately due to complications at work this didn't happen. I stayed in lab until 3AM which is the long past the last bus so I thought to myself, I haven't done a run yet today and have no other way home. So at 3 I suited up for my run and jogged the 5.5k home. This was by far the latest workout I have ever done. I wouldn't recommend it. 

Sure this was a little extreme, however, the rest of my week was similar to this. What I struggled with most was the lack of groceries. Being at work during all open hours, I was living out of the pharmacy across the street, getting bagels and Mr Noodles far too often. 

But now its finished! And I took full advantage of this this past long weekend biking. From Friday afternoon until Sunday morning I rode an awesome 270km. Thats the most I've done in 48 hours I think. I felt pretty good after it all though. Legs are a little stiff and need to work on the I.T. band but other than that my fitness feels good and is ready for next week.

Speaking of next week. My first Half Iron of the season is fast approaching and I have a new weapon to unleash. A nice surprise mid week while I was slaving away in lab was my new TT helmet arrived in the mail. A LAS Chrono
This is exactly how mine looks. I haven't tried it out on a ride yet (will do that tomorrow), but just putting in on it is really comfy so I'm confident it will be good. I just need to decide if I want to leave the visor on or wear sunglasses. I think thats going to be a debate I will be having until race day. 

I won't get into the race all too much because I will hopefully have a pre race report, but so far I'm feeling ready for it.

A second first for last week was my first 21+ km run of the season. Wednesday night in the middle of a downpour I went out for my first long run of the season. I had worked my way up to 16km but decided to simply make the jump. This isn't usually recommended if your trying to increase you mileage but I wasn't too concerned, I knew I had the distance in my legs. The only reason I hadn't done it yet was time restraints. 

Finally, my last first was going out riding a mountain bike. My roommate Rob got a mountain bike a few weeks ago and last night although supposed to be a rest/recovery day, I decided to go out for a fun spin. No real effort involved, just a cruise to play in the mud. It was raining again so I got pretty awesomely dirty. Check it out.

Dirty Bike

Dirty Legs

Can you tell where my bike shorts went to?

Sorry for everyone who raced yesterday that I missed. I had a friend call me up Saturday saying she had a 6 hour layover in Vancouver yesterday morning and so I spent the morning with her which meant I couldn't come out and watch the Tri. I was upset to miss the race, however, I figured there would be other races this summer to watch, whereas my friend I may not see for another few years.

Hope everyone did well!


MJ said...

Firstly - the new banner photo is rad.... (not sure when you put that up but it is classic.)

Secondly - I have heard a few horror stories of nosecapitation (made that word up) during crashes with visors. With glasses you can impact the helmet without the shield slicing the bridge of your nose....

Thirdly - I think I might be making the trip to Shawnigan (not racing, just cheering) so you can expect to hear me yelling at you!


Missy said...

You get a prize for working out at ALL during a work week like that! Holy crap!!!

Ah ha, you got a sperm helmet too...that's what I call 'em. Well, just be careful turning your head. I must move too much because the dayum thing would scream at me in my ear when I turned.