Friday, May 1, 2009

Strong Feet are Healthy Feet


A few month ago I was reading Simon Whitfields blog and he had a few bits of advice for each sport.

For swimming: “Find a great Masters squad and just enjoy it. Don’t stress. Don’t stress about what the sets are or whether you’re getting enough stroke work. Remember that’s all noise. Just find a great Masters’ group or a great group of people to swim with. Have fun with it . . . enjoy!”

For the bike: “Find someone who knows what they’re doing on bike position. Get fit properly. And get fit by a fellow who understands triathlon, because we’ve all been corrupted by the guys who know about road cycling. They say, ‘Wow! You triathletes, you don’t know what you’re doing; let me show you.’ And they’ll set you up in a position that’s great for road riding and terrible for running off the bike. So find someone who understands triathlon and the demands of running off the bike, and get fit properly.”

For running: “Strengthen your feet. Read up on drills and exercises that will strengthen your feet. Your feet are so important.”

This really surprised me, I half expected him to have some typical track workout that he likes to focus on. But instead it's straight forward and simple. Keep your feet healthy.

After the marathon, my feet were just crushed. I felt like I had broken all the bones (I hadn't) but it still wasn't good. I decided to take this advice to heart. Using the exercises found here I worked hard at it and had nothing short of a miraculous recovery. I was pretty pumped by this so I figured I would share the knowledge.

Without further ado, here they are. Number 1/5/6 were the ones I focused on most


Ulyana said...

This is so simple, but totally makes sense. Looking at that photo with the golf ball makes my feet itchy, haha.

Vincent said...

thats funny, I hadn't thought of that, however, as soon as I looked at it, I knew exactly the feeling you mean.


Erich10 said...

9. Paint an oil-on-canvas picture with your feet, a la Bob Ross.

Adam said...

Wow, these are GREAT. I think that they may have been before I found your blog (or something). Either way, I'm going to try them for sure. Of course, the only "issue" is that #1 is when I feel the most pain by FAR - flexing my foot straight towards the ground. So, I may hold off on that one for the time being. :)

BTW, while I am super behind on blogs, I did see the update that you've been given the green light. NICE! Can't wait for the updates.