Friday, October 23, 2009

Mile Recap

Well, I'm not going to lie. I've got mixed emotions about the mile race on Wednesday night. The race went very well for the team. We had 29 athletes out at practice which is HUGE for us and the biggest showing for the race series to date.

My time for the mile was 5:13. Pretty good. Before starting I was telling people I wanted 5:00 but figured that this week that was unrealistic and that anything under 5:20 would satisfy me.

We started out pretty fast, first lap in 69 seconds. Probably too fast, but oh well. I settled in and let a few people pass me thinking that they would blow up, running my second lap and crossing the halfway mark in 2:31 (82 second lap YIKES). My next lap didn't go any better running it in 83 seconds. Meanwhile lots of teammates are passing me.

I managed to close it down and run my last lap in 79 seconds, but I just had nothing in me with respect to a kick. I didn't feel like I was dying, in fact I felt I could have run a few more laps, but I just couldn't go any faster.

Now the reason I say mixed emotions, I'm pleased with my time, however, not really with my placing on the team. I finished 6th on the day where as if we had run that a year ago I would have finished 2-3rd. Now I am in better shape than I was in a year ago, however, everyone else has improved it would appear significantly more than I have. Now don't get me wrong. I'm pumped everyone is running so well, but a little bummed that I am not seeing the same shift up.

Oh well, I won't dwell on it too much. I haven't been training for speed at all. I do half marathon and half irons. So speedwork isn't exactly my focus. This weeks race is a 5k run TT and hopefully the longer distance suits me better.

On a more positive spin, we had a bike race this past Saturday, a flat 10k TT out at Iona and there I finished in 3rd with a pace of just under 39kph which is pretty good for me. I rocked out a skinsuit and my full TT bike and wheels.

Me in an Ontario Skinsuit. Made me go faster because wearing Ontario BURNED! I really wish it were Quebec

Thats all for now, I know a lot of people were wondering how the mile went.


awight said...

You're still fast in my books.

Ulyana said...

Imagine if you actually trained for this race and worked on your short distance speed/acceleration??? You'd blow that time out of the water.

I'm personally biased toward long distance. It's just better, haha. Hope 5K went well!

Vincent said...

hey thanks, the 5k did go really well, despite the fact that our officiator made it 130 meters long, what an idiot.

I'll have a post on that soon

ps, I was the one who mapped out the route. oops