Friday, June 6, 2008

14*C Water is COLD (Week Update)

After a fairly lazy training weekend in Osoyoos/Oliver, Rob suggested we go to the first open water swim at Kits beach held by the Vancouver Open Water Swim Association. Its a pretty sweet set up. For 4$ drop in, or 35$ for the season you get guarded open water swims on Monday and Thursday nights in the ocean at Kits beach. Also involved are a few open water races which I am considering doing. I'll expand on these further in the future.

Well, we bravely set out in our wetsuits and went for the first ocean swim of the year. 

WOW the water was cold. 14*C or 57*F. After a pretty relaxed 1km swim, I called it a day, a few people went out for a second lap, but I decided this wasn't for me. I exited the water barely able to walk because my achilles were so tight. This gave me huge respect for Barry who raced last weekend in a sleeveless wetsuit in 12.2*C or 54*F water. 

With triathlon world champs just around the corner, there were a few foreign athletes testing out the water. I met a bunch of New Zealanders who were NOT impressed with the water temperature. I think this will be a huge benefit for the Canadians at World Champs this weekend.

Other than that, I went for a few good runs and Wednesday did a hard horseshoe bay ride with Elliot, a co-worker of Robs.

My old roommate from Montreal, James Kozak is in town for the weekend, and we are going to go out and cheer on all the racers along with enjoy hopefully the good weather.

Last night he and I, along with Miranda, who is also in town (She is competing in her first World Champs) went out for Sushi at my favorite place Samurai Sushi on Davie St. It was fantastic. So I'll finish this post off wishing her good luck tomorrow morning. I'll be there cheering her on.

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Rob said...

Yo Vince, Thursdays swim was 12C, I was quite cold, there was one person in a sleeveless suit, that is brave. I've never been to Samurai Sushi, but will have to try it out. My favorite place is Hi Nippon on 4th and Vine