Saturday, June 21, 2008

T - Minus 9 Hours 17 minutes

So, I'm just about to go to bed before the race tomorrow morning. I feel 4:30 is going to come far too quickly. Funny thing happened today. I got on the ferry feeling fine, and then got up near the end to go to the bathroom and noticed my right leg was getting stiff, annoying. But then as I got up to leave and descend back to the car my leg was much stiffer. By the time I got to the race site it was bothering me quite a bit. I got out of my sandals and into a good runner. On my bike for a quick 20k spin to loosen up was no help, and by the end of the day my leg hurt even when I walked. I have iced it now and will pop some pills prior to the race but I just hope I wake up and this is all gone.

That being said, if anyone is watching the race feed live. This will explain a slow run. With the two races in the following weeks if I am feeling any pain, I am just going to completely ease up.


Anyways, off to bed! The course looks beautiful though!

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stevo said...

Thanks man. Nice one for you too. Looks like you finished right on your goal pace. Wickedness man.
I would like to race Osoyoos, but right now the game plan is to race the Continental Cup in Geneva NY, on July 12th.

catchya at the races.