Monday, June 2, 2008

On the Road to Oliver (A little late, didn't have internet access when I wrote this)

Departing from Vancouver at 3PM, the detour thru Burnaby to pick up Winston put us conveniently into traffic, but I guess that’s what happens when you leave town on a sunny Friday afternoon. After a few hours of driving, we just stopped in at a subway for some much needed refueling.

            My recovery this week from Shawnigan has been pretty good. I unfortunately haven’t had the greatest opportunity to get any easy training in this week though. Only  short 30ish k ride on Tuesday and a 3k interval swim on Wednesday. That being said, I am feeling a little heavy, I don’t know if this is from the training slow down, or resulting from the race. The time off was good though because it allowed me to take a few days advantage and stretch out my IT bands.

            I opted against bringing my bike to Oliver for the weekend. Although Kevin and Winston will be doing a training ride before the race, and I would also have time to ride Sunday, I decided that I would focus the weekend instead on doing a few long swims open water swims, and at least one 20+ km run.


            I’m excited for the race, I really enjoy competing, however, there is something about being in the race environment without the pressure or stress of competing that is a lot of fun. The bike course will be two laps, so I will have a large amount of time to sit and wait around. But that may be one of the times I opt to go for a swim.


            Weather is supposed to be good for the weekend, 28 both Saturday and Sunday, so I will be able to get some good warm weather training in before Osoyoos just over a month away.


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