Thursday, October 23, 2008

Motivating Blog

I often read a lot of other peoples blogs to get idea's for writing style and for inspiration towards what I want to write about. 

I came across this blog the other day by Meyrick Jones. I won't explain the blog, but read his most recent post: My Mount Everest.

Great read. Its a blog I'll surely start to follow.


MJ said...

That's very flattering. Thank you!

Nick Gottfried said...

Hey I ended up talking to some the guys at Frontrunners down here and since I love my Adidas Supernovas, I wanted to stick with them so I just ordered a pair of NB...somethings and swapped them straight across. Thanks for the blog love. I'm starting to get back into training since I suck in the pool and gotta work on that area. Have a good Halloween, I'm going as a triathlete. Very un-original but I won't be out long cause I gotta work tomorrow am. I'm gonna have quite the get-up. Later