Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pre Marathon Thoughts

I wrote this the night before the marathon, but didn't have any internet so wasn't able to put it up, my brother is in town, so writing has been hard because he has been keeping my computer during the day and at night we are usually out. A race report is in the works, but this will have to do for now.

Its the night before the marathon, nothing more I can do to prepare, legs are feeling typically tight, however, no real pain associated. Ankles and heels feel a little hollow. Hopefully that will go away with sleep. Goal of breaking 3 hours still seems unreasonable but I am going to try for it. Hopefully I can bank some time early and ride that into the end. 

In our race packaged there were details of where the aid stations will be, I'm not overly impressed with their location. Powergels will only be iven out at the 13/34km mark instead of the advertised 13-26km. I'll change my pre race plan, I was going to take a gel roughly at km 6,13,20,26,34. But with the aid stations moved I will now have to take an extra gel and cary it for km 20-26 because my pocket only holds one. No big deal. I can just tell that they are going to be crappy strawberry banana flavor or chocolate though.

Dinner tonight was a little more rich than I would have wanted, a whole lot of creamy sauce over my pasta, I managed to fish out most of the pasta leaving the sauce behind. All that said my stomach is feeling god and relaxed, Two cliff bars in the morning and some gatoraide and I should be good to go.

Its 10:15, so heading to bed, waking up at 6 for the race.

On another note, the race shirt is really nice, not the best color, but a nice cut and fit.

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