Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Awesome Run

Very quick update. 

Woke up today feeling really tired and flat, went in to school preparing for a swim in the morning but skipped and opted to go at lunch instead. Got a pretty solid 3.5k swim in despite how I was feeling in the morning which was pretty surprising. Got back to lab and was feeling flat and tired again but wanted to go for a run tonight.

I went out with my roommates garmin 305 thinking that I would be able to map out my run for distance. Well obviously what ended up happening is I raced the watch. After a few slow warmup km I was running solid 4min/km pace. A little faster than a typical Wednesday long run. Oh well, I decided to keep it up and see how it went. 

I ended up finishing the 13km in 55 minutes average pace 4:13. Not bad for a somewhat hilly run. What really pleased me was my heart rate zones, other than a few hill spurts I was keeping it nice and controlled in the 155 zone. 

Have a look. (Click sheet to Enlarge)

Running this season I feel is going to be my strength. I'm feeling much stronger than last year and am really going to be able to go on the hunt off the bike!

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Tanis said...

I think that my strength this season is going to be knitting with colour!