Thursday, April 2, 2009

Storm the Wall Round 1 Wrap Up

The first round of storm the wall is now passed and it went quite successfully. I wasn't too sure how my tail bone would hold up since all I had done was swim since injuring it, however, in the end it proved not to be a concern. 

I started the swim and decided not to kill myself and just keep an eye on the rest of the field. The first round doesn't count for anything, you just need to make it over the wall and your good to go. 

The run was uneventful and so was the bike. Finishing up the bike I was nearly a lap ahead of second place and thats when a minor blip in my race happened.

As I was dismounting from my bike (I'm standing on one pedal, right leg swung around the back wheel ready to dismount), I notice my cleat that I'm standing on isn't in anymore. I'm pretty much balancing on a death trap at this point. I decided I had two options, slow down (I was going ~25kph) and risk the shoe slipping sending me flying. Or I could jump off the bike while going way too fast and risk falling as well.

I decided I would rather jump off and fall when I'm expecting it rather than be surprised. Sure enough I'm going too fast and wipe out. HOW EMBARRASSING! All the while that I'm falling, I'm not thinking of how this is going to hurt. I'm just embarrassed at the fact that I fell in front of a whole group of people.

Fortunately I rolled nicely. Well enough to come out unscathed and to have someone sarcastically clap for me. And I was off on the second run.

In reviewing shoes after the race I discovered my cleats were really worn out. Check it out...

There is an old and new cleat, identical originally. Oops, let that be a lesson to people to replace their clears more than once every few years.

Reaching the wall I was tired but feeling good. Tony, a friend from school was my wall guy and he was perfect. First jump solid connection at the elbow and I got right over.

Finishing the race in 15:00.

I was quite pleased with this. A big improvement on last years time. That was until Derek raced moments later. He posted a 14:08. CRAZY FAST!
Derek Pre Race Intimidation

I don't have any photos of my race because I had no photographer, however, here are some photos of friends from UBCTC during their races.

Taking off after the swim, only about 2 minutes ahead of second place

Matt Reeve Hitting the wall during his Ironman preliminary round
Nathaniel Doing the 1km leg of storm the wall


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