Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Long Weekend Training In Victoria

Over the Easter long weekend, I packed up my bag and took the ferry over to Victoria to meet Nick for a good weekend of training. 

I would be there from Friday noonish until Monday afternoon. Plenty of time for lots of great training. We focused mainly on swimming and biking swimming at the commonwealth pool and biking around the Victoria-Saanich area. The commonwealth pool is incredible! Not only was the pool very nice (a little cold for my liking), but they had a mini water park. check out these photos. 

We tried to go on the water slide but when we went it was closed.
Weekend Training Numbers:

50k ride followed by a 20 minute run off the bike. 

3.3km Swim
80km Ride with some TT efforts. 

3.4km Swim
30 minute Spin Bike, 30 minute treadmill run.

60km AMAZING ride.
1.1km swim (Nick's goggles broke so we called it a day).

The swims felt pretty good, however, many of the rides I just felt sluggish and heavy. I blame this on a few things.
  • First I just got a new bike fit last week (blog post about that to come) and therefore I'm still adjusting.
  • Traveling and living away from home puts stress on the body. 
  • Early season and I'm just a wimp.

I don't look very happy for some reason...

The weather other than Sunday held out pretty well and we had a great time. Our routine was pretty repetitive but awesome.

  1. Wake up
  2. Eat as much as you can, typical breakfast for example: (two bowls of cereal, banana, avocado, bagel)
  3. Go for a swim
  4. Eat as much as you can (similar to above but more lunch foods this time).
  5. Ride
  6. Eat as much as you can (Again, similar but dinners this time).
  7. Go to the gym do 45 minutes stretching.
  8. Play some Halo
  9. Sleep
  10. Repeat
My favorite Ride was the Monday morning one. Nick showed me this small windy road. Its barely wide enough for a big car and is always going up or down left and right. Never can you see much more than 150 meters ahead of you. On top of that the pavement was perfect and your riding through rich green forest. Simply amazing, I will certainly be going back to that road in the future. 

A hard clime with a faulty cassette. 
All in all it was a pretty fantastic weekend and Nick was a great host. I hope to return the favor in the form of a mini training camp over the July long weekend or something like that here in Vancouver.

Returning from Victoria, my roommate Rob and I decided to go to the driving range down our street. It has been a while since I've played any golf but enjoy it all the same. I was a little rusty to say the least at the start but by the end was hitting some pretty solid shots. Its funny though. Despite a full weekend of training. I have no stiffness from that, however, the 60 golf balls I hit at the range have my entire side in stitches. 

All in all a good weekend. Monday night I was in bed by 10 (real early for me) and asleep by 10:15. Was FANTASTIC! 

Tuesday night I went for a quick 50k ride with some friends around Stanley Park. The weather has been great this week. Hopefully I'll be able to get out some more before it changes its mind.


Tanis said...

you are so sporty. And since when do you eat avocados? Chris got his bike, he's in love.

MJ said...

Sounds like a solid weekend. When is the new bike purchase slated to take place.... I've been waiting for it.

The driving range always kills my sides too - I think I swing too hard at the range...

Ulyana said...

Great weekend! I'm going to visit my friend, and I'm afraid it's going to be very similar... although we both will have to work. I say we should skip the whole sleeping and get rest part ;)

Derek WL said...

Oooo you lucky poop! Sounds like am AWESOME weekend! I love Commonwealth too, sigh... the memories!

You thought the pool was cold then.. try diving in at 5:15 a.m. 4 days a week :(

Vincent said...

I started eating Avocados a month or two ago. They were on sale for like 0.49$ each and decided to get a few. Loaded them with salt and decided they were delicious. But then Rob bought a bunch and left for Louisiana and I decided to eat a bunch one night when I hadn't done groceries. That wasn't the best idea.

The new bike purchase will happen eventually. I have no idea as to when though. Big purchases like this stress me out and I tend to push them off for a long while. I'm still trying to decide what aero helmet to buy.

And I'm pretty sure I will never do a swim workout at 5:15. Thats just not possible. Unless I stay up all night.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vince,

I am definitely going to Vancouver this summer for some training. We should get a training camp going if you are not too busy at work.