Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Long Weekend

No time for a long post, but this weekend I'm headed over to Victoria to do a mini little training camp with my friend Nick, the weekend will be filled with lots of riding and then swims and runs to top it off.

I'm pretty pumped for it. First of all because I think training with Nick is going to be sweet. Secondly, because I've never really been around Victoria. I've been there a few times now for the Marathon and random races but have never gotten a good view. Nothing like you get from riding around the city.

Anyways. seeing as its late and I need to catch the ferry in the morning, I'm going to head to sleep. Hopefully I'll have a detailed recount of the weekend when I get back!


RunningLaur said...

Have fun!

MJ said...

Have a blast! Dial in a few good rides for me because I am heading out there later in the summer and need the intel.

Happy Easter!

Derek WL said...

Hope the training camp went well!
Riding with Liam is basically a one-ride long training camp since he is a TANK!

You should definitely come riding with me and him on Thursday!