Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall Race Series.

Alright, I've decided this fall semester to spice things up with the UBC triathlon club.

How am I going to do this? Simple, organize a race series that can all be done during practices as a means of test sets, devise a scoring system that evens the playing field for beginners/elites and keep track of the results.

The difficulties I will have with this, some people don't have a bike, so can only participate in 2/3rd of the races. For those that miss I'll have to come up with an average score to apply to them. Or make it top 5 out of 8 scores count of something.

My idea's:

Already we do a
5k Run TT
Swim Test Set (usually 500m or 750m)
Beer Mile

What I am proposing is a whole bunch more things like this. For example;

Uphill Run TT
Uphill Bike TT
Flat Bike TT
Running Relay (ex 3 X 1k) Put slow with fast to even out the field.
Swim Relay (same premise as run relay)
Brick TT

A group of friends of mine do this already through the Vancouver Cycle Series however, this year, they won't be hosting one. In their absence I thought I would step up.

Anyone have any other suggestions for events?

I'm pretty excited about this for many reasons. It allows people to get some practice in a race situation without the cost of racing. Its also a great venue for smack talk to build, which is among the most important parts of racing.

So any suggestions are much appreciated, and I'll keep you all posted as to what evolves.


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Patrick Waters said...

Like the idea of the tri series.

Keep me posted- I'd be interested to come down some times and join in.