Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting Fat

After work today I went to the gym, you know, pumping iron, getting huge and stuff...

Before starting I weighed myself, thinking I would come in low because I haven't had the most "ideal" nutrition today, as in I kinda skipped lunch (late breakfast). Surprise surprise, I weighed in at 150.0lbs. I've never been that much. I'm using the same scale as I've used all year. Last summer when I was preparing for the marathon I actually hit 139, so 150 is in my opinion far over my race target weight.

I blame this on the laziness I've had over the past couple of weeks at the beach and next to zero training I've put in.

Could this mean that I've reached the age where my body is catching up to me? If I get lazy I will get fat! OH NOES!

This is going to be a big weekend for training, lots and lots of biking and I'm going to try and break my record on Seymore (shouldn't be hard, I've only ridden it twice and once 100k into a ride).

On that note of my being fat, time to go for a run. I've got lots of updates to post, but catching up on work and life take priority at the moment. Sorry Chris


Tanis said...

haha! I love that you gave a shout out to Chris! He's going to be so pumped when he reads this, I won't tell him, it'll be a surprise.

Oh yeah, and I didn't want to mention it because I know you're sensitive, but I thought that you were looking a little chunky... maybe you should think about devoting a bit more time to training. ;)

christopher said...

Yes sir! You put up a new post, and I got mentioned in it. This is the best day ever... in your face Sean Brown!

Missy said...

That kids tits are bigger than mine. WTF? Now if you drop so low that you weigh less than me, we can't be friends any longer, sorry. I do have standards.

Katie said...

this is seriously weird. how can we weigh the same? And have the same bounds of low and high? I'm getting back on the workout wagon today, which is hard in the Texas humidity and heat.