Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wonders of Craigslist

My brother Luke was asking me about road bikes, should he put the effort in to fixing up a 30 year old rusty road bike which would probably cost him 200-300$ and still wouldn't be very good. Or simply suck it up and spend 500$ on a decent road commuter road bike.

I suggested he look up on craigslist to see if he could get something cheap. To help him out, I did a quick search of my own to try and provide insight into what he is looking for.

Along my way this title caught my attention

I've never even heard of a Macadam bike, let alone in triathlon circles. Lets dig a little deeper and see what we find.

Exage motion??? I can honestly say I have no idea what that means. So lets look at this mysterious triathlon bike.



I don't see anything that makes this "triathlon" related.

Anyways, the bike is only selling for 220$, somewhat of a rip off, you bet. Entertaining? Was for me at least.


Missy said...

TT Bike??? Not even sure how low you could get in that thing...maybe in 1972;)

Ulyana said...

LOL, that ad is for people like me - who have no clue!

Ulyana said...

oh, btw, glad you are back to blogging!

Vincent said...

thanks Ulyana, now that I'm doing things to blog about its easier to stay on top off. When sitting in lab all day, it makes it hard