Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 Victoria Half Marathon, Here I Come

Its official. I will be racing the 2009 Victoria Half Marathon. The countdown screenshot below shows just how much time I have to prepare!

40 days should be plenty of time to get running race ready. I still have one last half ironman left, however, I am not expecting anything too great that day so this is really my big season ender. I've created a team so if anyone wants to race the half marathon and wants to join my team just search in the drop menu for "Team Awesome" and you can join. The more the merrier.

That being said, I've trained my entire season on a pair of Newton Stability trainers, and I've just ticked past the 800 km mark in these shoes, so I figured it was time I got a replacement. I really liked them so decided to go with nearly the same shoe. The only difference being instead of the trainer, I went with the racer. As seen below!

Is that NEWTON?

Believe it or not that yellow doesn't even give it justice, much brighter in person.

I was originally a little concerned with using a racer for my training shoes, however, these aren't really "racers" in the same sense as my New Balance or Asics are. Those both come in around 6 ounces were as the Newton's are 8.8. Quite a bit more support.

I have a few goals in the back of my head as to what I want to run during the Victoria Half, however, I'll have to wait a bit before I share that with the world, see how my progression goes etc.

In other news. I went over to my friend Tony and Marta's place last night for some delicious steak dinner. And after dinner the conversation of Rock Band, the game for playstation came up. I have never played this game and although they were reluctant I got them to pull it out. He is what I would look like if I was a rock star! I don't want to brag or anything, but at level easy, I WAS PRETTY GOOD!

I just need tighter jeans!

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Ulyana said...

Sweet! I'm doing a half on that exact day!