Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Weekend for the Lavallées

From Left to Right: Luke, Tanis, Mom, Dad, Lilia, ME!
What a good looking family!

Seeing as how its almost the next weekend, I figured it was time to recap the last one.

It was a pretty big week for my family (The Lavallées). Lets mix things up and start right to left. Hey look, thats me!

I had my last race of the season this weekend in Sooke BC. It was a half ironman and I won't really go into too many details because I will shortly put up a full race report. Needless to say it did not go all too well. As I said, details to follow.

Next up, Lilia. She is the the youngest of the Lavallées at 21 and participated in her first triathlon! She raced the Montreal Sprint last Saturday and despite her complaints about being horribly out of shape for racing I think she did very well. Swam a little off course at times but finished pretty much on par with my first swim (coincidentally on the same course back in 2003). had a fantastic bike, 33km/h on her 4th bike ride of life (if my memory serves me correctly), and then a cruised run of 25 minutes for 5k which she later said she was disappointed with because she felt like she had a lot more gas in the tank when she was done. Hopefully she's caught the bug and is ready to continue racing next year. I think she did.

Next on the list, My older sister Tanis was at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Fair. For those of you who don't know, my sister is a small business owner and dyes and sells her own yarn. This knitters fair is a really big day in her year where she is able to introduce herself to lots of potential buyers along with sales from the fair itself. I'm happy to announce that the weekend was a huge success selling out of some stuff before noon! My mom went to help out with that so she was busy as well.

Tanis' booth at the knitting fair

And last but not least, the oldest of the Lavallée kids, Luke. Now Luke didn't exactly have any big event last weekend, however, he was probably off saving lives being a doctor and all so I guess thats acceptable. But come on Luke, only a doctor, no races or knitting fairs? Just healing sick patients. Pick up the slack.

Unfortunately my Dad was working overseas and wasn't able to partake in any of this because I'm sure he would have loved to be witness to any and all of it, but he gets back tomorrow, so I'll just wish him a safe trip back!

Thats it. Not a bad weekend don't you think?


jjwright said...

This is my FAVORITE post you've ever written of ALL TIME!! Vince, actually being nice and unsarcastic? what??? :-) xoxo

Katie said...

You Lavs always showing the rest of us up and doing fabulous things. Plus, that's an awesome family photo of y'all together at the Shore.

Vincent said...

there was a more animated family photo, but I figured since this is my first representation of the Lavallees that I would put the more formal one up first.

Kelly said...

Yay Lavallee's! You guys are great. Miss you! I feel really important because I'm pretty sure I took that photo. So yeah, you're welcome.

Anonymous said...


Who's the skinny, homeless bearded guy in the family photo? ;)
Great post!


Denis le Magnifique said...

Bonne fête Vincent!
Je ne vais pas souvent sur ton site mais je vois que tu ne chôme pas.La barbe, les triathlon, la bonne bouffe... Bien heureux de voir que tout le monde va bien à la maison. Bravo pour Tanis et Lilia. On est fier d'elles.
Ici ça roule entre l'école et les sports. Tous se porte bien on n'a pas à se plaindre.
Je veux te souhaiter une super journée de fête...amuses-toi bien.

Denis le Magnifique et sa gang de Rouquins.

P.S. Hé Vincent sais-tu Qquoi?.....
Je suis certain que tu as dit QUOI!
Tant pis pour toi tu t'es fait oui un Iroquois t'a chié sur...

Vincent said...

Merci Denis, mais je voulais savoir, si tu viens avec nous?

Denis le Magnifique said...

Bel essai Vincent; mais tu oublis qu'on ne montre pas à un vieux singe à faire des grimaces. J'espère que tu as passé un bel anniversaire.

Bonne journée et attention à toi.

Denis toujours le Magnifique