Thursday, September 17, 2009

Introducing the UBC Triathlon Club Fall Classic Race Series, or for short, the UBCTC Fall Classic!

In an effort to introduce the sport of triathlon to new University of British Columbia club members, we have decided to hold a race series during practice times to encourage our athletes to come out and experience what racing is all about without the heavy burden of race fees.

The goals of the series are
  • Have fun
  • Create a quantifiable method of tracking fitness progress
  • Give an outlet to practice "race day" preparations
  • Spice up the weekly test sets we do during practice
  • Create a healthy competitive atmosphere to encourage team strength


Missy said...

Race report, c'mon man;) What's up with all the knitting these days? Seriously, it's THEE thing to do around here too.

christopher said...

Vince. Happy birthday, man. You look really good for your age. Do you work out?