Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WOW that hurt!

So today I was walking down Agronamy Way, minding my own business telling Paul a riveting story about myself, when a wasp decided to ruin everything and fly down the collar of my shirt and bite me. What a jerk. Right on the clavicle. Check this out!


The rough part being that its right where my shirt rubs, not good. Clearly this is going to bother me for the next 15 minutes!

In other news. Today is the first day of classes back at UBC. Very exciting time. So many new faces walking frantically around campus, not knowing yet how to get out of the way for traffic on the sidewalk. With that we had our first Triathlon Club practice today. The UBC triathlon club met for our first swim of the year at 1:30 in the outdoor pool (I'm writing everything out in case someone googles it). We didn't have the largest showing today due to short notice of our pool booking, but hopefully now that its all been nailed out we should get more in the coming days.

I am trying to think of ways to publicize the club better in the first few days of school, I was asking Paul where he thought I could get chalk to write on the sidewalks. He didn't buy my advertising story and started telling people I was practicing hopscotch.

On that note, if there are any local triathletes looking for someone to train with, come on out and try a practice or two. Its a great substitute for the UBC Masters Swimming and at a fraction of the cost, especially since the masters has a waiting list right now.

I start coaching run practices tomorrow night, with the new UBC track open should be easy coming up with some fun workouts.

Upcoming post
-new steep hill found
-pre race thoughts
-introduction to the racing series with UBCTC!


Derek WL said...

Where'd the quack post go?

Did I tell you I got stung while riding? Right on my bloody eyebrow, after the wasp snuck through that space between my helmet and sunnies.

Vincent said...

I was editing it and forgot to repost when I was done.


Vincent said...

and eyebrow, yikes, couldn't imagine that, must have hurt something nice. I spazzed out when this one stung me, I'm just glad I wasn't riding at the time. Would have for sure fallen.