Friday, January 29, 2010


Columns: The Bain of my existence

Well, this is going to be a fun night. I'm sitting in lab running a column which needs to be topped off every 52 minutes, give or take a bit. For the next 10 hours or so... That brown stuff at the top, ya thats like 2 month of work!

This night isn't going to be much fun because thats not even long enough to have a good nap so I'll just be droning on zombie like with my music pumping on max, lets see if I can get someone from the 2nd floor come up (I'm on 4) and ask me to turn it down. That happened last night, 3AM...

The fortunate thing though is that I can use this time to be semi-productive. I've discovered long ago that when I have to pull long days like this, I can't try and do too much because all that happens is you get REAL tired and make mistakes. So unfortunately when having multiple 1 hour breaks on a day that is longer than 14 hours the only successful way is to take those 1 hours real easy.

So. What am I going to do?

Write tri club e-mails, update the minutes from Tuesday, design a bike jersey, write some thank you letters from Christmas, go for a jog... Among other things.

On the training front, my shins are feeling really tight, so after tonight's run I will take a 7 day hiatus from running. I will only run 1-2 times and let my legs recover. I've decided that the stubbornness of running 50/56 is not worth the injury that could prevent me from running in the spring. We will see, I may not take the whole week off, but at least the weekend. Only swimming and biking on those days. Lets hope Saturday is nice so I can put in a good ride to fill the void from my run.

UBC Spring Race series starts next week, gotta get into shape!


Adam said...

Wow, 7 full days off? probably for the best if you are having some issues with your shins. It seems like rest is the only thing that can take care of that.

Vincent said...

yeah, in all reality I won't take 7 days off, I'll be at our monday long run and wednesday interval. I just won't be doing the 5 other runs in the meantime.