Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Recovery

I survived my all nighter in the lab. It wasn't pretty and required a little bit of persuasion from my friend Elspeth on skype (she is in Australia and was still awake at 3:30AM Vancouver time) but I made it.

Recovery wasn't too simple. Friday was just a normal day and then in the evening our building had a poster session (social). I followed this up with going to see the Dar Side of the Rainbow. What is that you ask? Well, turns out that if you play the Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon at the same time, that the two sync up pretty well.

Despite being one of the only "non influenced" people there, I still enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the record is only 45 minutes long so you get halfway through the movie and it just ends. Oh well.

Today I woke up for bike practice, but didn't quite make it. Instead I knocked out back to sleep until noon at which point I only woke up because someone was knocking at the door. I guess I needed to catch up on Thursday's lost sleep. It was a good thing that I was woken up, because I had to get to UBC by 1PM to be a timer for a thunderbird swim meet. I have a few friends on the team and this being a really low key meet was great because I was able to be on pool deck with them and interact.

The meet ended up finishing early (was schedule from 1-5 and finished at 3:30) and the lifeguards were still on chair for another hour and a half so I asked if it was ok if I swam. Many of the swimmers were still cooling down so they didn't see a problem there. Man was it great. I had an entire lane to myself for the entire workout. I put out a solid 3000m short course which I haven't done in a while. Swimming short course is fun, although I really had trouble a few times counting. I did as a main set 5X200m and was holding a steady 2:45-2:50 leaving on 3:10 which for me is really fast. I was pumped because I really haven't been swimming much lately.

Following my swim Matt from the Tri club came over for dinner and we had AWESOME steaks and vegetables. Was my first real meal all week since I've been living in the lab most of the time.

Matt is a Resident Advisor at UBC so had to leave early but then my friend Paul came over to watch a movie. I was invited out but after last week was too tired for it. I was pretty pleased with myself today. Good eating, exercise, no drinking! A+ for Vince!

Then Paul found a coupon for 2 for 1 McDonalds which expires tomorrow, and I'm ashamed to say we actually bussed to campus to get it. So much for my healthy day. That being said, we ran into half the Thunderbird swim team while we were at it. So if varsity swimmers eat it, can't be that bad can it?

Anyways, time for bed! Another big swim tomorrow.


Scott said...

I had wondered how you managed to get a swim in during that window today; dag i was there at 2 I think.

Ulyana said...

The Dark Side of the Rainbow?... And I've officially learned something new.

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!