Sunday, January 31, 2010

Throwback to 2004

One of my friends from High School was cleaning out her home computer and came across a certain Lavallee Family Christmas letter that she had saved. This one was pretty great, some may even suggest a thing of legend.

I figured I would share it. Seeing as how we sent it out to everyone we know, I hope my siblings don't mind me posting it here.


Try and identify which sibling wrote it... It was written as a joke, but in reality, was pretty fitting.

Lavallee Christmas Card 2004

Luke, better known in our household as Dr. Luke the puke, is doing great. Despite constantly attending Med-school parties and hosting “dessert pot luck’s” for his professor’s (apparently he’s an adult now, though he blame’s his party hosting duties on his role of president of med school), Luke can’t seem to meet the right girl, perhaps he’ll have to branch out into the art school crowd, his sister Tanis swears there are some lovely ladies on that side of the tracks. Luke is the one person who holds the crown for being able to party and study more than anyone else we know. How does he do it? Adding to his masculine charm is a new scar on his left cheek, we tell people he got into a fight with a tiger, but truthfully he got into a fight with a Frisbee… and lost, while playing for the McGill Ultimate Frisbee team. Luke, it has also been noted, is working on advancing his style now branching out and wearing purple shirts as well as questionable “scuba team” shirts and the occasional see-through shirt. Oh, and how could I forget the care-bear shirt… yeah, Luke really is a special guy.

Lilia, a lovable, yet often grumpy sixteen year old is also still searching for the right mate. Though she attends more then her fair share of mixed parties, the “right guy” for her apparently does not attend Beaconsfield High School. Hopefully next year when she moves on to bigger and better things at John Abbott College, she will find the larger selection of hunks to her liking. Still showing her affinity for tight fitting, short skirted dresses, Lilia continues to spend her time gliding, jumping and spinning around the ice skating rink. Unable to pull herself away from the oh so appealing life that includes freezing one’s buns off in the harsh climate of the skating rink, Lil plans on taking her skating career to the next level by getting her level one coaching certificate. What a champ. As a graduate at her high school this year Lilia has much opportunity to torment and torture her peers and the younger grades, but picking on kids just isn’t the same for her without her faithful accomplice Kelly Mahoney. Lilia spent another wonderful summer at Amherst Shore this year with her best friend Kelly.

Now Vincent, what is there to say about Vincent? Well, I could pretty much sum up Vincent’s last year with one word that tends to make everyone who hears it just a little bit uncomfortable… SPANDEX! Vincent loves spandex!!! Vincent also happens to love sports, and leave it to our little brainiac to find a way of combining his two greatest loves, sports and spandex. Vincent has become obsessed with all sports that allow him to wear spandex. Vincent runs, wearing little more then what the girls these days call “bikini’s”, he bikes, wearing the tyniest little shorts you’ve ever scene, and of course he swims, wearing the ever fashionable and flatering speedo. Put these three flesh baring sports together and what have you got? The triathlon, and as a word of advise from me to you, never get Vincent started on either running, swimming, biking, his “lap times” or spandex… if you do, good luck getting out alive, he will talk your ear off! As previously alluded to, Vince is a brainiac, he is at McGill studying Bio-chem (where of course the little over-achiever is his years rep on the Bio-chem committee, AND he’s taking advantage of his school’s triathlon team as another excuse to sport the span(dex)).

Tanis is the one we call “artsy”. She truly has a gift. Not only is she beautiful and oh so stylish, she was blessed by the Gods with the gifts of art and intellect. She continues to wow us on a daily basis with her displays of creative genius not only in her pursuance of the fine arts, but also in the everyday tasks of putting together outfits, applying makeup and styling her hair. She is reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw in the way that she can take the most curious pieces and put them together to create a breathtaking fashion statement. Though we encourage the other three children in their pursuit of the sciences, it is truly Tanis, the liberal artist, who will lead her family name down the path of greatness. She can read and write more rapidly, coherently, and inspiredly then any of her siblings. She continues to wow the staff and customers at the restaurant that she works at by displaying a grace and ease that is unparalleled when delivering bills to tables. Yes, Tanis was truly a blessing, her Parasite loving boyfriend Nicky Baby thinks so too and vows to shower her with gifts in the coming year as a show of his affection. Ah, yes, Tanis, there are not enough words to describe her beauty. Good night, and God Bless.


dregga12 said...

what's not to love
spandex Lycra is the ultimate fabric

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Ulyana said...

Thanks for a great laugh!!! You've got a great family!

Tanis wrote it, right?

Vincent said...

its that obvious is it?