Thursday, April 29, 2010


So everything was going well with training, did a LONG run on the weekend and body was feeling confident and strong. Then Tuesday I had to go and be a clutz and roll my ankle. Details not necessary, but from the photo below you can see the outcome.

Nice and Puffy, and Black and Blue!

For comparison of my normal ankle, see here

I was having a conversation with my mom not 20 minutes before this happened saying that I wasn't planning on racing much this summer, and with yet another setback in my training, that seems like a good idea. This just sucks because I had told Mel that I would run the Vancouver Half Marathon this weekend with her to pace. Won't be doing that now... And my chances of winning the beer mile this weekend are also significantly decreased!

Got X-Rays done yesterday, they came up with nothing broken which is good, and am going to physio tomorrow morning.



Adam said...

GEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Man, that sucks. It even looks painful.

Winstonian said...

That's a bummer, I feel your pain. The good news is that it should heal quickly once the pain becomes tolerable.

Kelly said...

Ewww. That looks painful, Vince. Must be because there was so much weight, probably 400 lbs, rolling on top of it.

Ulyana said...

Well, crap! I'm sorry this happened!!!! Heal up and keep us posted.

awight said...

Thanks for providing the comparison.

Michelle said...

Vincent Lavallee, Did you trip over a twig?!??