Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have many times mentioned the UBC Tri Club race series which unfortnuately I had to miss much of due to stupidity... my concussion.

As a result I decided to make up all the events I had missed out on in one action packed week!

Event #1, Monday evening, 5km run Time Trial:
I was going into the 5k with high hopes right before the concussion. Unfortunately those goals were no longer anywhere near realistic as a result of 6 weeks off. I started off fairly strong, probably too fast running my first km in 3:23. I quickly settled in and ran 2k in 7 minutes and then 3k in 10:40 meaning I was holding nice steady 3:40 pace from there. Unfortunately this is where it started to hurt. 3:50 for my 4th km bringing me in at 15:30 and the wheels started to fall off. I managed to scrape it together and finished in 18:26. Last semester 5k time: 18:08

I'm pretty happy with that but looking at my pace times it shows two things. First I went out too hard... And second that I completely fell apart. I want to give this another shot in a few weeks time when I am feeling more in running shape.

Event #2, Wednesday evening, Mile Run:
Weather for the mile was terrible. Dumping rain, cold and REALLY windy. This was the night when all the boats washed up to the shore in Vancouver. Not exactly ideal conditions to be running a mile in. I knew this one was going to hurt. My legs were still really stiff/heavy from Monday's effort, but I gave it a go anyways since the rest of the club was running it that night.

Lap 1 (72) Lap 2 (80) Lap 3(81) Lap 4 (83) Total 5:17

Matt and Vince Running the Mile
Again, my last semester time was 5:13 so not as good, however, conditions were significantly worse, and considering I had run the 5k only two days prior I will take it. Just to show the difference in my legs. my opening km in the mile was in 3:22 where as my opener for the 5k was 3:23. I feel as though i could put a lot more into this as well. Again, another task for a sunny day in a few weeks.

Event #3, Friday Evening, 10.2km Bike TT
I can't complain about conditions at all this time. They were great. Minor headwind heading out to the spit at Iona but then a great tailwind on the way back. Sum it up. went 16:22. Last semester I went 15:47 but that was fully decked out in triathlon geekery (disk, aerohelmet) whereas this day I was on my TT bike but riding in normal attire. So all considering happy and thing this was a good sign that my riding hasn't suffered too much.

Event #4, Saturday AM 8.2k Bike - 1.8k Run
This event was again another team one. The bike was somewhat of a gongshow as it started out with a mass start and so was just a hammerfest for the entire 8k. I think we finished the 8km in 11-12 minutes to give an idea of the pace we were holding. I was pretty happy, I came off the bike in 3rd just behind Matt and Barry. Onto the run I never caught up but also didn't give up any spots. Realizing I wasn't going to catch Matt and Barry I shut it down into control mode making sure that no one caught up from behind. Finishing in 19:18, good enough for 3rd.

All in all I'm pretty happy with the week and I'm confident if I had spread out the events a little more that they would have gone even better. But that being said now I know if I want to have a test week again in the future, I will have a reference for my ability with little recovery time.

Thats all for now. My next post will be describing a fundraiser I just took part in and will be a little more Risqué

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