Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Concussion, 2 Month Later

As I demonstrated last week with Storm the Wall, my concussion is pretty much gone. I am able to train full time now and haven't had any symptoms for a few weeks now. That being said my fitness is lacking.

A few days after getting my concussion I missed out on a 5k run TT at the track. I was really hoping for some good numbers that day. With the UBCTC race series wrapping up this coming weekend I really wanted to get my 5k in.

Net result, coincidentally on the 2 month anniversary of my concussion, Lauren and I went out to the track and I ran a solo 5k while she timed me.

The weather wasn't too bad, temperature was good, no rain, and a descent bit or wind, but nothing to complain about.

I started off feeling good, 3:22 first km and managed to hold steady 89-90 second laps up until roughly 2.5k.

I went through 2k in 7:00 and 3k in 10:50. I wanted to beat Matt Reeve's time of 18:28 which meant I needed to run two 3:50km. Should be easy, however, my lungs and legs decided otherwise. My lap times were slipping up to 95 seconds for a couple of them. Hitting 800 to go at 15:30 I just wanted to pull out a few sub 90.

In the end I put together a pretty solid 18:26. Pretty happy considering the training I've done since the concussion, however, its upsetting because I feel that prior to the concussion this would have been an easy task where as last nights run nearly killed me.

I hope to do another one in a month or two and really gauge my fitness. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

Thanks to Lauren for coming out and timing and cheering me on.


elspeth said...

18:26 is definitely solid. you should be pleased! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

don't listen to elspeth. 18:26 is mad pathetic. train harder. sincerely, coach/dictator erich

Elliot said...

Good work. You've made me want to go and try 5km now.