Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5K Time Trial

I won't lie, when I woke up this morning, I thought I was going to pull the "coach" card and not run the time trial and instead simply be a timer.

However, as the day went on I slept in a little later (haven't been sleeping well lately), and had a decent breakfast and went in to work. Stupidly forgot my lunch so got some Butter Chicken from Curry Point in the village and re-evaluated how I felt. Deciding I was doing alright and might as well go out as a pacer for people.

Getting to the practice, there was a good group of about 12 of us who would be doing the time trial. I decided to go out holding 4 min/km pace and see how things went. My watch is currently broken (strap), so I was running with a sweet yellow stopwatch in my hand I was wearing the my new shoes, the New Balance flats, they felt fast. Possibly a little too fast, off for the first lap (5.5 laps make up 5k) and pass the 1km mark in 3:38, oops. Oh well, some money in the bank.

Slowed it down to 4 for my next km and then slowly chipped away some time from there on and picking it up for my last km again.

Finished quite comfortably in 19:00-01, which wasn't too bad since I was yelling out pace times and running with a stopwatch in my hand. I feel if I had really killed myself I could have gone maybe 30 seconds faster but that wasn't really the point in todays workout. I finished comfortable and able to talk with no trouble breathing. Only 5:39 to cut out of that until I'm running as fast as Pre!

All in all, fairly pleased with my effort for the day. It is only January after all. Give it a few month and I should be able to rock that pace out for much longer than 5k.

On a more important note, I have no problems with my knees so thats a good sign that I can start trying to run more frequently now. 

Also big congrats to a few of the people running today, although I'm not mentioning them all, Claire ran a huge PB, she wasn't sure what her pace was going to be (shyly saying in the 22 range early this week), pulled off a 19:54. And Nynne who had never run under 21:30 ran 20:25.


The shoes were alright, I don't know if I liked them more than my Asics though. Although lighter, they weren't as comfy. I'll have to try them out again at some point.

Thats it for now, I decided to get this post out of the way fast so I wouldn't be tempted to later when I'm supposed to be doing my grant proposal that I've been putting off all week.

Take Care, train hard.


Derek WL said...

Awww man.
I'm actually sorry I missed it! Where did you actually do the time trial?
My knee still is feeling wobbly, so I'm sticking to the trainer/pool this week to stave it off before it gets any worse!
Grats on the 19m. Pretty solid for playing "coach" as well :P

Vincent said...

We did it on the acadia "1k" loop, not sure if you know that one. I say "1k" because its actually only 910 meters per lab so you end up doing roughly 5.5 laps, starting at Acadia/College Highroad, and finishing at the third tree on Wycliffe


was good man, hopefully your leg feels better soon. We really need to get a team yoga thing going or something so that people stay in better shape, we are all breaking!

holly said...

That's a pretty impressive time trial - especially when you were experimenting with new shoes. Got to love the shoe drama when you're a runner.